You've had the Wedding, Now What?

Whether you and your partner flew straight to relax on sandy beaches, or went to hike beautiful mountains, or decided to do a romantic staycation at home, you deserve a break. Planning a wedding is hard and you have definitely earned some time to rest and celebrate your new marriage and all the blessings it brings!

But you've had the wedding and now what...?


Did you know you can preserve your dress and your wedding bouquet?

That's right! These literal and figurative money pieces can be sentimental and you may want to have them as precious keepsakes.

Let's talk bouquet preservation.

Local wedding company, Mackleys, is an all-inclusive wedding giftery that specializes in custom wedding gifts, bridal party attire, and bouquet and dress preservation. Their bouquet preservation process is quite extensive to ensure your flowers will remain beautiful until the end of time. Starting from dissembling the bouquet and treating the flowers to prevent rotting and yellowing, then to the actual drying and preservation process. It is a whole thing. Not to mention the final step, which is to design the bouquet naturally into the frame of your choice. Their preservation process is truly unique and creates wonderful statement pieces that will keep your wedding alive forever.

Now let's talk dress preservation.

This is important if you have hopes to pass your dress onto a family member years down the road. Preservation will keep your dress in pristine condition so that it is just as beautiful then as it was at your wedding. The dress preservation process includes all the things such as: professional cleaning and stain removal of visible and invisible stains-this prevents yellowing of the dress-, repairs of rips or tears, steaming of the dress, and then the actual preservation treatment and the preservation box to keep it nice and sealed. This process guarantees that your dress will be in the best condition whenever it is reopened.

Let's be clear, these preservation options are not the cheapest things in the world, but if something is important to you-like your wedding dress and bouquet-then you want the process done with the highest quality.

But what if you don't want to preserve your dress? Let's talk CONSIGNMENT.

According to Lindsie, the owner of Found Love Bridal Consignment in Yukon, there are three main reasons to consider consigning your dress: help the planet, spread the love, and make the money.

Help the Planet: Wedding gowns have a significant environmental footprint: each gown uses approximately 2,300 gallons of water to make, then there's labor costs, material waste, etc- and that's just in constructing the garments. When you factor in that over 75% of bridal wear is made overseas and must be shipped to the states, that footprint grows exponentially. THEN you factor in that 62.5% of used apparel ends up in landfills... Mother Earth deserves a break!

Spread the Love

A gown's sole purpose is to make a bride feel radiant. Consignment allows for the gown to do just that! At Found Love the bride-to-bes get to have their "I Do Crew", a personal gown consultant and a boutique setting! No awkward facebook meetups or the stress of being scammed- they do all of the work for you!

Make the Money

Recoup on that investment, baby! Gowns under 2.5 years old retain the highest resale value; depending on the level of alterations done. Generally 60-70% of the price you paid (pre tax and alterations).

It is up to you to decide what you want to do with your wedding dress and bouquet after the wedding, some keep them, some consign them, and some trash them. Regardless, it is your choice and we just want to make sure you have the information to make the best decision for you!

Now go into the world and OWN it!

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