OWN IT: Making the most of your wedding network!


We are beyond excited to know that you are investing in your business and investing in yourself! That is a huge and important step towards building your professional network. As your network grows, it is vital to have the tools and information needed to get the most out of it! Remember: collaboration over competition.The wedding industry pie is big enough for everyone. Plus-not every wedding pro will be a fit for a bride. So whoever your ideal client may be, may not be the ideal client of someone else. Do not be afraid of the "competition" because they may ultimately end up being some of your biggest cheerleaders! Think about it, you are doing the same service for a living because you have the same passions. WOW! How special is that-and guess what? If they meet a client that is not ideal for them...they will refer them to you! Therefore, we encourage you to connect with other vendors within your network. Introduce yourself, pick their brains, and build your business. A great way to do that is to attend networking events, participate in styled photoshoots, and sending an old-fashioned email and asking other pros to lunch. As we are launching, we are constantly adding new businesses to the network and are in the process of planning our first official OWN Networking Meeting and creating a plan for next years styled shoots. Those events will be great ways to expand your network no matter where you are in your business-new or established. Now, go out into the world and OWN IT.

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